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Marcus Recruiting is the highest standard in legal recruiting. For nearly 20 years, the firm has specialized in high-quality, low-volume, permanent legal recruiting. Our relationships in the Texas market run deep because we take your career as seriously as you do. Based in Houston, we service the largest markets by working with only the best candidates and handling searches for the top law firms and corporate legal departments in Texas.


Marcus has recruited hundreds of the most sought-after lawyers, at all seniority levels, for more than 50 law firms, and some of the Houston-based Fortune 500 and privately-held companies in Texas. His experience leans towards litigation but covers most of today's practice areas, reaches the largest legal markets, and his track-record speaks for itself, at all levels: Partners, Associates, and In-House.


We have the jobs lawyers want. Our clients are the “Who’s Who” of the legal landscape.  We're trusted by with clients of all sizes, who all agree: it is critical to have the very best lawyer for the job. We've worked with most of the preeminent law firms across the Texas' largest markets, from the full-service international firm, to the regional and highly-specialized boutique. We also work with the in-house legal departments at many of the finest companies in Texas. 


What do a law school Valedictorian, a Fifth Circuit clerk, and a Geophysics Ph.D all have in common?  They all reflect the type of first-class, high-quality, candidates for which Marcus Recruiting is known.

Marcus Recruiting services the Texas legal market.  The firm’s twenty year-old reputation was built by providing only the highest-quality candidates, and handling searches for premier law firms and corporate legal departments throughout Texas. 


We have the jobs that lawyers want.

"I hate to pay headhunter fees, but I keep paying Marcus because of the quality of the lawyers he presents – hell, he’s responsible for over a third of my firm."

Rusty Hardin

Founder of Rusty Hardin & Associates, P.C.

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